Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

A year ago tonight I sat awake late worrying about my little Red Death. Scout had undergone surgery that morning to remove a fractured splint bone in her left hind leg. I could only see to the next day, never mind the next week or month, let alone a year. I remember it was hard to leave the clinic that night. I'd been there all day. I remember walking away from her stall thinking You were for sale. After a year and half of agonizing, I put you up for sale. Now you're not. Because I love you.

It was that simple. I took a different kind of ownership of her that night; I became duty bound. I had to take responsibility for my love for her, and I did. She badgered me tonight like she does, whickering impatiently as I mixed feed. I doubt she remembers any of that day one long (yet fleeting) year ago, but I won't ever forget it. My Scout.


Anonymous said...

Those turning points are very important in our horse lives, aren't they? Lucky Scout!

Wolfie said...

I think she remembers. :-) She's a beaut.