Monday, July 11, 2011

Scout's Right Front Hoof

I'm trapped in another time, dizzy with the demands of opening the festival, but I'm sending out a call for help, readers. What could have happened to Scout's right front hoof? K called me yesterday, in the middle of the show day, and then sent me pictures from her phone:

I can see that there is a bruise above what looks to me like a caved-in wall filled with dry debris. There's no fluid at all. This little red mare has had wonderful, rock-hard feet since the day I got her. I can't see her until tomorrow afternoon, and I'm rattled. (Her next trim is set for the 19th.)


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

That looks like it smarts!

Is Scout in with anyone else? Maybe collided with / stepped on by a pasture companion? I hope it's nothing major :)

June said...

Could be an abscess scar growing out that you didn't notice when it was up at the hairline. A recent knock or kick could have caved it in. I think it'll be fine. Is she sound?

Next trim will bring it almost to ground level.

smazourek said...

It looks like an old abcess to me too. Unless she's lame, don't worry about it, it will grow out.

When my boy had an abcess it started out as just a little slit that "stretched" as it traveled down the hoof wall- this looks pretty similar to that.

twohorses said...

Minnie has a spot just like that on her hoof. That abcess she had a while back broke through at the coronary band and the slit has opened up a bit further travelling down the hoof wall too.

Once Upon an Equine said...

That is an interesting spot, caved in like that. I hope she is sound and that it grows out with no problems.