Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Boy

Today I just had to get my hands out of my head and onto a horse. I've been impatient to work with Dar since he swung his chops toward me on Monday night. Tuesday, no go, work and then barn chores. Wednesday, no go, work and then friends in need. I made it out to the barn today. Since Dar's paddock is surrounded by the other two, I would have had to take him through one of them -- and between the horses there -- to get to the outdoor arena. I decided to wait on that until I've got him in hand a bit. Instead, we did simple leading/halting/yielding groundwork in his paddock. Basic in-hand ground manners. Walk. Whoa. Step back. Stand. Repeat.

The whole time, Scout watched at us from her paddock, standing alert at the fence. I know nothing about how horses might detect (if they do at all) that their person now has another horse.

Dar had trouble with one exercise: staying put when I stood facing him from five feet in front of him. That's the pushiness. Each time he tried to step closer, I sent him back. When he stood quietly, I moved forward to praise him.

I ended the work after asking Dar to lower his head. Light pressure on the poll, followed by immediate release. He grasped it quickly. The last time I asked, he lowered his head and stretched his neck long and low, licking his lips. Wonderful.

On Saturday morning, we're going to try turning him out with Keely monster again. She's out of heat. I hope she kicks his ass. I have just have to know.

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