Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The More They Stay the Same...

...the more they change. I got Scout in September of 2004. I was given bits and pieces of information about her, most of which proved to be inaccurate the more I came to know her. I was told she was a monster for vaccines. Not. I was told she was used on a ranch and her owner had no problem tying a rope to the saddle horn and dragging a gate behind her. No. That could never have been done with Scout. She would have lost her mind. Or maybe it did happen and she did lose her mind.

I was told she might be a little herd bound. I wish. She's a lot herd bound.

I was also told she was an alpha mare. There was no reason to doubt it, based on what I saw. Until now. I grew so used to seeing Scout in that role, I'm still stunned at how easily she surrendered it. Dar is boss. They've been on turnout together since Sunday. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I keep expecting Scout to take over. Maybe she will, but with each day that passes, it seems less likely. No blood has been drawn, no marks left by either of them. Scout pines for Keely, but otherwise there's no drama.

But Dar is boss. And that's another thing altogether.

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Wolfie said...

You know, maybe Scout is relieved that she no longer has to be the boss; Dar has taken on that stress. Glad to hear that it seems to be working out between the two of them.