Thursday, May 6, 2010

Their Own Lives

The other day I was driving to the barn, listening to Madonna's latest concert CD. It's a country drive, the route to the barn, past farms and McMansion developments. I know all the places where I'll see horses, and I always look for them, whether I know I'm doing it or not. The way you did when you were in high school, dating a boy who drove a blue Camaro. Suddenly, it seemed those cars were everywhere.

When I happened upon these guys, my heart paused for just a second. Right?

This recently-turned-out threesome hangs out in a pasture so remote, all I can see in the distance is the lane back to whatever barn they belong to. I pulled a U-turn on the two-lane and stopped on the shoulder. Through the lens of my camera, and with a silly sense of relief, I caught the flicking ear of the chestnut in the foreground.

The complete abandonment with which they slept, the nearness they kept to one another. The simplicity of their own lives, apart from us


Wolfie said...

How absolutely peaceful.....

Once Upon an Equine said...

Awww, they must be feeling very content and safe.

Charissa Catlin said...

Hi! I'm Charissa and I just found your blog! I'm a teenage horseowner, and I find your story very inspiring. I really hope everything works out. Dar is absolutely beautiful. By the way, I have a blog of my own. It's not very fancy, but you can check it out if you like. is the URL. Thanks, and good luck!