Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Color is My New Girl?

Even though I'm still on the mend, it doesn't mean I'm not spending time with Saxony. Hands on no matter what. Today I snapped some pictures, hoping to really see her color.

See that bit of Oreo splooge right there on her neck? I discovered it when I can began to cut back her mane, removing the sun rust. Compare this picture with her blogshot up there in the right side of the page.

I love how her crazy blaze wraps deeps into her right nostril. And it is a crazy blaze, but it is a femur, or a wrench?

Black Bay? Dark seal brown? But wait. Check out those stifles.

Traced in white right there, the same on both sides. And more white hairs intermix thinly over her hips. It doesn't help that she is so shiny. Even the camera was sunstruck.

One white foot, buy 'em, two white feet, try 'em... but I can't remember the rest of that old cowboy saying.

And then there's her "Hidalgo" eye. Remember how they computer enhanced that horse's eyes to make them appear human like? No CGI special effects were required for Saxony's right eye.

More on that arresting eye later. I've never had a black horse. Is this what they look like?

It will be so much fun to peel her winter coat away in five months and discover what her next trend will be.


Kate said...

Whatever her color - she's very pretty (I'm thinking very dark seal bay)!

Wolfie said...

I think she is a seal bay, too! Pretty girl.

horsemom said...

it's funny how much they change over the winter. we have one bay mare in our barn that gets so dark over the winter that she doesn't even look like the same horse, and my gray girl now has dapples, which I love!
But whatever the color, Saxony is a pretty girl. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)