Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White Horse on the Hill

Watching the UK Telegraph's live video of the preparations to rescue the 33 Chilean miners trapped deep in the earth for 69 days , I saw the camera pan across the scene, over the family camp, past heavy cranes and sea containers, slowly pulling focus to the immense structure erected over the half-mile-deep rescue shaft.

Families and press alike watch the TV monitors. Helicopters circle low in the approaching dusk; dignitaries disembark. In that arid, desert mountain place, the soil looks dull brown, relieved only by rough bits of scrub.

But there, high on a slope, beneath a Chilean flag, sat an officer astride a white horse. The Telegraph's camera rested on that image for a long moment. I'm glad it did.


allhorsestuff said...

That's interesting...I did not see the clip, but interesting the camera person did tarry. What made you glad?

Muddy K said...

Because I found it somehow perfect that the horse and its rider were standing guard high in the hills overlooking the place from which the miners would be pulled. They conveyed a sense of dignity and watchfulness that seemed so respectful of the vent. I think that's why the cameraman held focus for a second longer.

allhorsestuff said...

Thank you,
I knew of the answer...yet you are so eloquent, love to read of you.