Thursday, February 24, 2011

And Then There Was Us

After yesterday's delightful pony madness had subsided and the horses settled down, it was time for the unique routine of Saxony and me. It seems silly to say, but we look at each other. We make eye contact and stand gazing at one another for several long, quiet moments. Every time, I am moved by her, drawn in. I feel my deeper self respond to the openness of her expression, her seeming recognition of me. Every time, she touches my emotions.

I have experienced the scrutiny of a horse, the glancing awareness of a horse, their peripheral watching, but I haven't known this particular thing before, the way we just stand still and look at each other. Every time, it feels like we are coming back together after a separation, as if she's waiting for me on the other side of the security barrier at the airport and I have just broken through the crowd to finally see her. Every time, I feel reunited. I like to believe she does, too.


Wolfie said...

She's a beauty and has a very kind expression. How could you not be drawn in?? :-)

juliette said...

I love this image of you two locking eyes and hearts. She really is sweet as pie!

Anonymous said...

Lovely image - can see it in the photo.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Beautiful post! Saxony is a lovely horse with a very kind eye :)

Val's and my initial greeting of the day seems to revolve around -

Is there a carrot?
I don't see the carrot?
You usually bring me a carrot :(
Pretty sure I smell a carrot!

Rising Rainbow said...

I had to do a double take at this picture it so reminds me of my twin, Surprise. She gets that same sweet expression.

It's great you have that connection with your horse.

Anonymous said...

You can see that Saxony is really seeking the connection with you.

Lovely post!