Friday, April 29, 2011

My Sure Sign of Spring

It's not in the eight-inch-deep mud, not in the sun-glinted  sheddings whisked away on the wind, not in the restive bits of play that the horses manage on such clumsy terrain. They are waiting too. They want to run and buck, twist and shift in the herd, have some space to move out wide open in themselves.

Work always defines the seasons for me, so I'm used to my calendar being skewed, out of sync with the year. Even the festival's rhythm has been altered this year, however. The grounds linger in doldrums, waiting to erupt into life. There was snow in the air just the other day, ceaseless rain before and after, all greyness the rest of the while. The park waits, poised to burst.

Sitting at my desk, watching the latest feral cat pace back and forth before my open door, I was thinking of days to come, feeling jittery within, seeming placid without. I should have been working, because this draggy winter has put me behind. We're none of us thinking of the festival yet, not with hail slurring like lava across the freeway. I don't have my game face on, haven't found my preseason war footing.

But today spring returned, carried on the sound of a plane whining in the sky, its engine humming and hesitating, first closer, then far away. It's the acrobat. This is the first day he's gone up to the sky, back after the long winter. I've grown accustomed to his practice, his looping and diving over and over again high in the sky. I listen for him like the sea and hear him all summer, especially in the dog days, practicing with a discipline I can only imagine. I was surprised to hear him today. The pilot is airborne again. Spring must be here to stay.


Carol said...

What a cool picture!
I hope you have a great spring.

Wolfie said...

Love that picture! Spring is really is!!!! Yay!

Annette said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting! I use a Canon PowerShot point and shoot camera. I've had it for ages -- it takes great pictures and I don't have to think. A match made in heaven...

smazourek said...

That has to be the coolest sign of spring I've ever heard of! It must be cool to just sit and watch him flying sometimes.

Knight said...

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Rising Rainbow said...

I heard lots of different signs of spring but this one is a new one on me but maybe I should listen more. It just might be that I missing something here. We do have sky divers that only jump part of the year I just haven't associated it with a season.

We had a spring like day at the horse show this weekend but then it was back to cold and blustery yesterday. Don't know if we're ever going to see what we consider to be a real spring. *sigh*