Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sensing Ahead

Spring has been previewing around here for the last week or so, prompting me to wonder ahead.

My horses: the work, the rides. The rides. With my wondering comes, always, no matter how slight, the twitch of recognition of my fears, doubts and anxieties. The sense of it ripples through me, familiar as a muscle, makes me stretch my neck, wring out my shoulders. No matter the prospects, it lives. I'm used to it.

In Saxony, I have such possibility. In Scout, I have such history. I'm looking forward to being with both of them now, feeling like I'm ready to move into all of it, in part because of this really good post from Olly at her young new blog, It's Harder Than It Looks. I recognized so much of what she said; I'm used to so much of what she said. Somehow, realizing that has cast how I see my fears in a different light. They aren't as big as I imagine they are. I'm used to them and they have become old. It may be time to discard some of them. I think maybe I will.


Wolfie said...

I love spring cleaning! Time to dump those old fears and replace them with the excitement that comes with possibility. Good for you!

And, thanks for posting the blog site....I am going to check it out now.

Olly said...

*blushes* D'aww, thank you so much!

UGH, can I say -again- how much I love your writing?

Rising Rainbow said...

Fear, it either makes us stronger or it buries us. It's our choice. I'm glad that you've decided to take yours on instead of letting it decide for you.

Sue M said...

Our fears, although sometimes based on reality, are what we construct for our self-preservation. Like not touching something hot. But when we stand and face them, especially old ones we've outgrown, they turn to smoke and vanish like the illusions they are. We are capable of so much more and are so much stronger than what our fears tell us is true. Go for it. (and when you do, turn around and I'll be right there with you) My only word of warning is: don't replace one fear with another. Be done with it and shake the dust off!

allhorsestuff said...

You sound inspired to settle the issue with old man fear. His cobweb has attracted dust in me too. I'll be removing the entanglement of doubt webs, soon myself.

I'll go a visiting to your little inspiration friend, thanks for the link. Mine came today from Juliette, over at "HONEYSUCKLE FAIRE". On her side bar, I discovered her link today..."Confidence".
I'll be sending the confidence vibes your direction. I'm building mine slowly...towards the arena again. The Ansur Saddle just got put off by 4 more weeks. (I must need that time!)