Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Pairs

I just love how they bend in unison toward the sun. Whatever spring has been this year, it has not offered much more than wind, cold and rain. Leaving for work yesterday morning, I walked to the garage, past our chaotic raspberry thickets, and saw this pair of interlopers. Who knows where they came from? Hackneyed metaphor or not, they seemed to me to symbolize where I am with the horses: in pairs.

This pair offers the premise and the promise. Scout and I will come back together through Special K, who brings out the best in her. It will be fun to ride her because I don't ever have to ride her. There's release in that freedom. Saxony and I will ride and ride and ride. Perhaps best of all, Special K and I will support each others' growth and adventure forward together. Nature's springtime may continue to elude us, but I think we are in an equine spring, paired in horses, friendship and opportunity.


Rising Rainbow said...

Sometimes I get backed up because I feel like I "have to." It's so much more pleasurable to do it because I want to. That "have to" thing really takes the fun out of it.

June said...

Great photo of the tulips!

And what a sweet, happy face on Scout.

allhorsestuff said...

That Tulip shot is really cool and so are your plans~
I do love how you call her "Special K". She is very sweet and wrote to me assuing me that you would be riding fancy free- soon enough! I believe her too!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...