Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Horses in Their World

Because I have to practice not rushing, I didn't head straight down into the barn for chores tonight. I stood outside first, surrounded by falling lake-effect snow. Just like Scout.

She was very curious about what I was doing, and kept close by, even though I wanted a distance picture.

She presented her muzzle, adorned with ice crystals.

And she took the time to tell Kee-pad to back off.

She has a way of looking at me that often seems to suggest an imperative. The imperative is treats. I broke up a whole two-pound bag of carrots, tossing them across the paddock in pieces, sending the snow ponies off in search of fresh treasure. It took time, and it gave me time.


Barbara said...

How nice, I like this.

Muddy K said...

Thank you, Barbara. What a sweetie!

juliette said...

What an adorable icy muzzle and foretop!

Thank you very much for your comment on my Confidence page. I will read your blog with interest - I hope you find the days with the courage you once had and the sweet smell of horsey breath on the other days that seem more scary.

Katie said...

im·per·a·tive   /ɪmˈpɛrətɪv/ [im-per-uh-tiv]

1. absolutely necessary or required; unavoidable: It is imperative that we leave.
2. of the nature of or expressing a command; commanding.
3. Grammar . noting or pertaining to the mood of the verb used in commands, requests, etc., as in Listen! Go! Compare indicative ( def. 2 ) , subjunctive ( def. 1 ) .
4. a command.
5. something that demands attention or action; an unavoidable obligation or requirement; necessity: It is an imperative that we help defend friendly nations.
6. Grammar .
a. the imperative mood.
b. a verb in this mood.
7. an obligatory statement, principle, or the like.

(inside joke) :) ;)