Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saxony's Feet

A recent visitor asked me, after reading about Saxony's X-rays here, if I could put up some pictures of the bottoms of her feet. As it happens, I had snapped a couple of shots a few weeks ago because I was struck by the different colors of her soles. Black soles on the black legs, white soles on the legs with socks. So here you go, June. These pictures were taken on December 29th and they were the only two that came out in focus.

Left Front

Right Rear


June said...


These show the bars very laid over and the heels way forward from where they should be. The heel landing (at the base of the "u" or "v" where the bar and heel meet) should be level with the back of the frog - looks like it's a good inch or two forward of that in the RR. The RF looks more like 3". The frog looks elongated. The true apex of the frog is probably considerably further back than what appears. I'm guessing breakover in these feet is an inch or two forward of where it ideally should be.

June said...

Before trying shoes, I'd see what happens if you keep her feet balanced for a while. Don't get me wrong - my own horses often end up with unbalanced feet! But if Saxony's having any problems, it'd be important to keep on top of the trim - at least every 4 weeks, preferably more often. I wouldn't worry about the crookedness in her legs, and her if hoof grows skewy to compensate, that's fine. The main thing is to trim to the important landmarks in the hoof.

Where her heel landing is now, she's landing so far from the ideal weight bearing spot in her foot that I would expect she'd be having significant problems.

Educational Encounters said...

Looks a lot like my feet